Finally available now!

TICKOAMP and TICKOMIC Pro – finally available now!

TICKOAMP, integrated audio signal preprocessor

TICKOMIC Pro, sophisticated high-sensitive clamp sensor

Complete set including all needed signal and power cables.

Works with all ANDROID powered devices with MIC-IN enabled headset port.

Unit price € 129,00 incl. VAT (inside EU) or € 108,40 net (outside EU). All prices plus shipping costs (destination depenable).

Scope of delivery:

– 1x special audio cable with 2x 4-pole 3.5 mm RCA jack
– 1x USB OTG adapter
– 1x USB cable

Limited availability.

Orders incl. complete address details via e-mail to

Payment via Paypal after written order confirmation.


The first produced series of TICKOAMP, TICKOMIC Pro and TICKOMIC Quartz have just been received from the manufacturer. Estimated availability and shipping via the TICKOPRINT Online shop End of January/beginning of February, 2016. All further information will be published as soon as possible.

TICKOPRINT technology @ work!


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TICKOAMP – sophisticated signal preprocessor and signal enhancer
TICKOMIC Pro – high sensitive clamp-style watch sensor for use with TICKOAMP

Scope of delivery:

TICKOAMP sophisticated signal preprocessor
– AUX cable 1 m
– USB power adapter
– USB signal and power cable 1 m
– no additonal power supply needed
Estimated retail price € 99,00 incl. VAT (€ 83,20 net outside EU)

– high-sensitive structure-borne sound sensor
– clamp-style sensor for accuracy tests in all needed positions
– 1 m high-density shielded signal cable with 2.5 mm RCA jack
Estimated retail price € 29,95 incl. VAT (€ 25,16 net outside EU)

Estimated shipping end of December, 2015/beginning of January, 2016
Limited availability, place your orders asap. All orders served FIFO.

Breaking news from the TICKOPRINT labs!

The first lab samples of the modular TICKOMIC microphone system have arrived and been tested. The TICKOMIC microphone system is featuring the specialised and highly integrated TICKOMIC signal amplifier with

– mic-in for inexpensive piezo microphones
– audio-out to the smartphone
– power supply from the smartphones USB connector ( no additional power supply needed)

The base version the TICKOMIC microphone system will come with a standard piezo microphone at unbeatable price.

The TICKOMIC modular microphone system increases the signal detection and acquiring dramatically and will make your smartphone with TICKOPRINT even work like every professional watch analyzer.

We are expecting the base version of TICKOMIC being ready for shipping in September 2015.

Important notice to all TICKOPRINT users!

Important notice to all TICKOPRINT users and testers:

We have recently encountered that operating TICKOPRINT with the power supply attached to the Android device for charging affects the accuracy of beat count detection as well as the entire accuracy of tests performed by TICKOPRINT.

This is a result of poor noise frequencies reduction inside the power supply and no TICKOPRINT fault. To avoid future misreadings of TICKOPRINT we have included a warning message when a test is started while the device is being charged. This enhancement is being distributed with the next update of TICKOPRINT.

This is a very severe error caused by poor circuit quality of the majority of provided power supplies, and may have lead into difficulties using TICKOPRINT as being reported by a numbers of users.

The officially certified watch expert Ulrich Kriescher has tested TICKOPRINT!

Ulrich Kriescher, a very experienced, well-known and acknowledged watchmaker and officially certified watch expert has recently tested TICKOPRINT deeply, comparing all test results of TICKOPRINT vs. his (very expensive) WITSCHI Chronoscope and his vintage TIMOMAT.

Conclusion: TICKOPRINT is a reliable and precise watch analyzer application and its test results are precisely matching his reference analyzers with 15 different watches tested!

TICKOPRINT 1.2 has been released!

The new TICKOPRINT Version 1.2 is available!

After eight month of continuous development and improvement the update has been uploaded to Google Play and will become available soon after the Google Play servers have processed the upload package.

The new version includes the long awaited PREMIUM version, and additionally offers the below mentioned enhancements vs. Tickoprint 1.02:

All versions:

  • Additional languages support (Finnish, Polish, Italian, Romanian)
  • Help menue added
  • Tick simulation: heart beat rate selectable
  • Playback of recorded tests: Zoom-in/Zoom-out function by common two-finger-gesture

Tickoprint PRO:

  • Zoom-in & Zoom-out in trace mode windows by two-finger-gesture
  • Function to shoot and manage watch images via the watch database
  • Test display orientation (horizontal/vertical) selectable via the display options dialogue

Tickoprint PREMIUM

  • Balance amplitude display in degrees
  • Balance lift angle selectable
  • New waveform display selectable
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out in all display screens by the common two-finger-gesture
  • Create watch reports including previously stored graphical test results and images (PDF file) and sent them via e-Mail

Many thanks for your help!

We’d like to thank our supporters for adopting the new TICKOPRINT version into the below mentioned languages:

Aleksandr Pines (Russian)

Tomasz Kapias (French)

Bob Mandrioli (Italian and French)

Cosmin Bodeanu (Romanian)

Pasi Suominen (Finnish)

Bill Stonehill (Japanese)

Michal Szalata (Polish)

Michael Young (Chinese)

Dan Williams (Spanish)

Guido Velasquez (Spanish)

Roland Prins (Dutch)

Stephan Tchorbajian (Portuguese)

Salih Dursuntaş (Turkish)

Applications for the support of all other major languages not listed here are highly appreciated!

Localization help needed! A lifetime free TICKOPRINT Premium version for some little help!

TICKOPRINT Premium is about to come – only some localization issues are holding the publishing of this exciting version of TICKOPRINT!

After having packed a bunch of new and exciting features into TICKOPRINT Premium and a lot of improvements into TICKOPRINT Free and TICKOPRINT Pro it has become necessary to revise the User interface localization. The TICKOPRINT user intereface is currently translated and/or prepared for translation into German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

The pending improvements and additional functions have raised approx. 20-30 addtional expressions which need to be translated into the target languages mentioned above. The translation process is simply being done with a help of an Excel sheet which shows the English entry and the needed (empty or to be revised) entry in the target language. Once re-submitted to us a post-check must be performed in the updated version to check if the localized entries are sitting in place and matching the given function.

To assist in localizing TICKOPRINT you need to have:

  • knowledge (mother tongue) of the language you are applying for and some knowledge about using watch analyzers
  • you should be used to TICKOPRINT
  • you should be able to work with Excel sheets

Simply write an e-mail to We will supply you with the needed material very quickly. After publishing TICKOPRINT Premium you will receive your very personal activation key to activate your TICKOPRINT Premium version which has the full feature list of TICKOPRINT. And of course your full name and localization language support will be shown on our website and in the Apps Infoscreen for showing the head behind the localized version, too.

Many thanks for your help in advance!