Phone help – watch database

  1. Tap twice to open watch selection dialogue

  1. Tap to deselect currently selected watch
  2. Select listed entry – press long (3 secs) to delete selected entry
  3. Create new watch entry

Phone help – options dialog

  1. Generate report (PDF) with test diagram, watch details and images for selected watch and send via e-mail (PREMIUM only)
  2. Re-start calibration process
  3. Start benchmark test to check if device is capable of running Tickoprint
  4. Start tick simulation to simulate test results
  5. Show application info

Phone help – main screen

  1. Signal quality (red – yellow – green) and tick pulse LED
  2. Accuracy test result (-/+ deviation in seconds/24h)
  3. Beat error test result in milliseconds (PRO version)
  4. Amplitude test result in degrees (PREMIUM version)
  5. Show watch database (PRO version)
  6. Show test results dialog
  7. Show options dialog
  8. Show diagram options bar (PRO version)
  9. Start watch test
  10. Save current test
  11. Show Audiotest
  12. Show settings toolbar
  13. Continous running test track (Diagram mode „Accuracy“)

  1. Select heartbeat
  2. Select lift angle (PREMIUM only)