TICKOPRINT 1.2 has been released!

The new TICKOPRINT Version 1.2 is available!

After eight month of continuous development and improvement the update has been uploaded to Google Play and will become available soon after the Google Play servers have processed the upload package.

The new version includes the long awaited PREMIUM version, and additionally offers the below mentioned enhancements vs. Tickoprint 1.02:

All versions:

  • Additional languages support (Finnish, Polish, Italian, Romanian)
  • Help menue added
  • Tick simulation: heart beat rate selectable
  • Playback of recorded tests: Zoom-in/Zoom-out function by common two-finger-gesture

Tickoprint PRO:

  • Zoom-in & Zoom-out in trace mode windows by two-finger-gesture
  • Function to shoot and manage watch images via the watch database
  • Test display orientation (horizontal/vertical) selectable via the display options dialogue

Tickoprint PREMIUM

  • Balance amplitude display in degrees
  • Balance lift angle selectable
  • New waveform display selectable
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out in all display screens by the common two-finger-gesture
  • Create watch reports including previously stored graphical test results and images (PDF file) and sent them via e-Mail