How does it work?

Tickoprint checks beat count, accuracy, beat error, balance amplitude and other parameters of the watch movement in the same professional manner like other professional watch analyzers. While monitoring and recording the movement sound and signal quality it automatically detects the movements beat count (bph), evaluates the elapsed time gap between the escapement entrance and exit ticks, computes the accuracy in seconds/24h and the beat deviation in milliseconds. The balance wheel oscillation – known as “amplitude” – is shown in degrees and is the most important value for evaluating the power and therefore the “health” of any mechanical movement. While running a test the display shows the traditional “running paper strip” diagram which is constantly moving forward while the test is running.
Tickoprint Test Running

The tests can either be performed with the help of the standard headset, with the internal built-in microphone (while positioning the watch onto the device surface near the the microphone pit) or – if high-precision results are needed – with a dedicated external microphone (optional) to perform accuracy checks in different positions for traditional chronometer test and certification.