Ticko what?

Tickoprint ® is a professional watch analyzer application which offers all features of dedicated watch analyzers like being supplied by a couple of  manufacturers in Europe, specialized on industrial and professional watchmaker supply.

Tickoprint is not as expensive as the competitors products – Tickoprint is free.

Tickoprint” has been the well recognized brand name of famous watch analyzing machines developed and made by Bandelin, Berlin (West Germany) during the last century, well known and used in all major countries all over the world.

Fortunately Bandelin has omitted to renew the brand registration for “Tickoprint” which offered the opportunity to acquire this traditional and globally well recognized name for our sophisticated application.

We are very glad and thankful having received brief support from Bandelin Electronics GmbH & Co KG (Berlin/Germany) granting the right to adopt the vintage Tickoprint logo and supplying with extensive written material about their vintage watch analyzer product range.

Tickoprint has been designed and developed with broad experience and knowledge in repair and adjustment of vintage and modern watch movements, and is dedicated to satisfy basic needs of watch enthusiasts and watch collectors, as well as all higher skill levels like passionate watch repairers and professional watchmakers.