TICKOPRINT new features!

Tickoprint PREMIUM (to be released pretty soon) has a new addtional tick noise waveform display which offers deeper analysis of the entire escapment system for damaged pallet stones and other, hard to discover defects. While running the test the display shows the single ticks, after finishing and saving the test data the entire test can be replayed on the screen, the entire test duration can be selected and displayed by moving the display window back and forth by swiping with the fingertips from left to right and vice versa.

Tick noise waveform playback

Playback of the tick noise from the saved test data. The display window may be moved forth and back by wiping with the fingertips from left to right and vice versa.

Single tick display during test recording

The above images shows the single tick noise whle the test is running. After the test has been finished all test data can be saved and played back.

Tickoprint PRO already offers the addtional TRACE display which shows the single ticks and the current tick deviation without harmonizing the test values to compute the average accuracy, beat error and amplitude.