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Hi all!

I have been dabbling a bit with the Tickoprint software for ANDROID and it works pretty good!

I did take the financial HIT and invested the price of a cinema ticket for the professional version and that was probably the best buy I ever did when it comes to watch tools and tingamajiggers.

I run it on a NEXUS 7 pad with a cover that you can fold out so you can have the pad standing up on its side and that works very well.

I did some experiments with microphones and one stands out as an alternative for those who tinker with clocks in here as well, namely a pick up for an acoustic guitar. A triangular contraption you clip on inside the sound hole of the guitar and a plug that fits in guitar amplifiers. WAY to fat for the Android, but you can get an adapter. Probably at the music store you bought the pick up in.

I have timed a small tower clock with this thing, clamping it on to the frame of the clock. Since the pick up only takes up vicinity vibrations and not actual SOUNDS, it works like a charm.

The only thing I have noticed is that the Tickoprint would like to have some time to stabilize. So I hang it there, stand still for a while and click on the button that tells you to click on it in order to keep the screen, and then leave it to measure by itself. This gives the best results.(Hey you, Tickoprint guys? Can we remove this feature please? Just let the thing ON when we measure, okay? No power save please. That is just annoying.)


I tried a BUNCH of microphones but the problem with them all is that the Tickoprint can sometimes be confused by ambient sound. The best result I had was to pack in a small microphone I used for an electronic stethoscope some time back, in Rodico to the back of a pocket watch and that worked reasonably well, when it was completely covered in Rodico.

Now, I have an old original Tickoprint that has been decommissioned for ages. It has this handy dandy anvil type stand with a holder for watch movements and a VERY tempting, but incompatible, plug on a cord sticking out. Has anybody out there done any conversion for that?

I would give my favourite screw driver to know how…

With wishes of a great 2014!

/Lars Persson, Harlosa, Sweden